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Application examples

C++ main programs

strip.c A raised strip waveguide: semivectorial mode analysis, mode profile plots, handling of Waveguide, WMM_Mode, and WMM_ModeArray objects
bm1.c Three rib waveguides, a common benchmark problem
bm2.c A series of rib waveguides with varying etching depth, another benchmark problem
rib.c A simple rib waveguide, vectorial calculation, various visualization examples
square.c A square waveguide surrounded by air, fundamental hybrid mode, examples for profile section plots
disp.c Single raised strip waveguides: dispersion curves, modes and propagation constants for varying width
mmi.c MMI coupler, 1x2/2x1 power splitter/combiner, interference visualization
coup.c Coupling between two rib waveguides, rigorous calculation, interference visualization
cmt.c Two parallel strips, coupled mode theory, interference intensity plot
smpert.c Perturbation theory applied to the mode of a single raised strip: absorbing core, magnetooptic core, geometry variations
tephs.c Nonreciprocal TE-phaseshifter: rib waveguide, polar magnetooptic configuration, compensation wall / domain lattice
tmphs.c Nonreciprocal TM-phaseshifter, rib waveguide, equatorial magnetooptic configuration, double layer magnetooptic film
polsp.c Polarization splitter based on radiatively coupled waveguides, coupled mode theory
upcv.c Unidirectional polarization converter: magnetooptic double layer raised strip waveguides, coupled mode theory model for polarization conversion